Male Torso/Dyak Torso/Man, 1931-32

Dora Gordine, Dyak/Headhunter/Man, bronze, 1931-2
Dora Gordine, Male Torso/Dyak Torso/Man, bronze, 1931-32, 129.9 x 47.6 x 41.4 cm. Cast by Valsuani.

This work was completed while Gordine was living and working in Johor and Singapore in the early 1930s. The model came from the state of Sarawak in Borneo. His name is unknown. The bronze was first exhibited as Torso at the Leicester Galleries in London in 1933 and subsequently as Dyak Torso, Man, and Torso once more when it was presented at the Festival of Britain in London in 1951.

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