Javanese Dancer 1927-28

Dora Gordine, Javanese Dancer/Oriental Dancer, bronze,1927-28
Dora Gordine, Javanese Dancer/Oriental Dancer, 1927-28, bronze, 143.2 x 65.1 x 37 cm. Cast by Valsuani.

Gordine’s large female figure Javanese Dancer was completed while she was living and working in Paris in the 1920s. Javanese Dancer was one of three Gordine works photographed by the visual artist Man Ray, who lived nearby. It pre-dates Gordine’s visit to Java by around three years and together with other work of the late 1920s suggests her interest in Indian and Khmer art. The pose may have been inspired by 10th and 11th century statues of the Hindu deity Vishnu, examples of which could be seen at the Museé Guimet in Paris.

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