Online Publication | The Squatter Years: Lost Objects

In 2019 Dorich House Museum was awarded a National Lottery Heritage Fund grant to explore the history of Dorich House in the 1980s and 1990s, focusing on its transition from Dora Gordine’s home to a museum. The resulting project, The Squatter Years: Recovering Dorich House Museum’s Recent Past, covers three strands of the building’s fascinating history: Dora Gordine and Richard Hare’s Russian collection, the renovation of Dorich House, and the history of the house in the period between Gordine’s death and the house’s acquisition by Kingston University. We are pleased to announce that the first strand, Lost Objects: The Russian Collection, is now live on our website.

This online publication features a series of essays written by our project volunteers that use objects from Gordine and Hare’s Russian collection as a starting point for further exploration into the history of Dorich House and the life and work of Gordine herself. All of the essays are available to read on The Squatter Years page of our website, with more content to follow on the building’s renovation and hidden histories.

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