Online Talk | Hidden Histories: Squatting and Raves at Dorich House

On Thursday 22nd April, we will be hosting a free online talk from 6:30-8pm. Hidden Histories: Squatting and Raves at Dorich House in the 1990s will complement the Hidden Histories strand of our NLHF Squatter Years Project, and will feature artist Laura Grace Ford in conversation with Omar Karmi, Luke Moreton, Amy Schofield and Tat Whalley.

The occupation of Dorich House by different people in the short period between Gordine’s death and the renovation of the building has long been the subject of myth and rumour. Newspaper reports and a few photographs in the museum archive reveal that the house was squatted, but who were the squatters and was the building experienced at that time? There were also reports that parties or raves were held at the house, but who came to them and what were they like?

This talk is a unique opportunity to hear the fascinating experiences of four individuals who visited the squat or attended a party at the house in the 1990s.

Please book your free ticket on Eventbrite to receive a link to join via Zoom.

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