Andrew Bick: ‘For Marlow Moss’ | Dora Volume One

We are pleased to announce that the tenth contribution to our publication Dora: Dialogues on Women’s Creative Practice and Thinking has now been published online. ‘For Marlow Moss’, by artist and curator Andrew Bick, focuses on Marlow Moss, a pre-war British Constructivist artist known for flouting the gender conventions of the early-mid 20th century by adopting an androgynous name and dressing in masculine clothing. Bick explains how he used her personal style as inspiration for a project to design an entrance canopy for the Princes Arcade on Piccadilly in London and a pocket square that Moss herself might have worn as an accessory. He also discusses the intersection of gender, identity, and art through an analysis of the work of contemporary artists inspired by Moss.

You can read ‘For Marlow Moss’ and the other nine papers in Dora Volume One here.

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