Dorich House Snowflake Template | Russian Winter Weekend

Snowflakes in the windows of the modelling studio at Dorich House Museum

We had a wonderful Russian Winter Weekend 2021 at Dorich House Museum. We were thrilled to be able to host some in-person events this year, and we had a great turnout at our talks and our afternoon self-guided visits. We had such an enthusiastic response to our snowflake papercutting activity on Saturday afternoon that we have decided to make the templates available online to give more people a chance to participate. You can download our Dorich House and Russian dolls snowflake template here and our Dorich House, Russian dolls and stars snowflake template here. To make your snowflake, simply print out the template of your choice, making sure to select “fit” or “shrink to fit” so the entire template is visible on the page. Then, cut around the edges so you have a square, and fold along the lines so that you end up with a triangle with half of Dorich House visible. You can cut out whatever designs you like around the edges – triangles and zigzags are probably easiest, but you can make it as elaborate as you’d like. When you’ve finished cutting, unfold the paper to see your finished snowflake.

If you do make a snowflake, we’d love to see what you’ve created, so please tag us on Instagram or Facebook @DorichHouseMuseum or Twitter @DorichHouse or you can send your images to us at

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