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Andrew Bick: ‘For Marlow Moss’ | Dora Volume One

We are pleased to announce that the tenth contribution to our publication Dora: Dialogues on Women’s Creative Practice and Thinking has now been published online. ‘For Marlow Moss’, by artist and curator Andrew Bick, focuses on Marlow Moss, a pre-war British Constructivist artist known for flouting the gender conventions of the early-mid 20th century by […]

Online Talk | Hidden Histories: Squatting and Raves at Dorich House

On Thursday 22nd April, we will be hosting a free online talk from 6:30-8pm. Hidden Histories: Squatting and Raves at Dorich House in the 1990s will complement the Hidden Histories strand of our NLHF Squatter Years Project, and will feature artist Laura Grace Ford in conversation with Omar Karmi, Luke Moreton, Amy Schofield and Tat Whalley. The […]

University Mental Health Day 2021 | Reading by Nadia Hebson

To support University Mental Health Day on 4th March 2021, we are offering an online reading by Nadia Hebson, Dorich House Museum Studio Resident 2020, to provide an opportunity for you to take a few minutes out of your day to relax and listen. Nadia is reading ‘Light enters my eye when I speak as […]

Online Publication | Squatter Years: Hidden Histories

Hidden Histories, the third and final strand of our NLHF Squatter Years project, is now live on our website. Hidden Histories covers the period following Gordine’s death in late 1991, before renovations to the house began in 1994, when Dorich House was inhabited by squatters and rumoured to be the site of raves and parties. […]

Get Creative | Thumbs Up It’s Thursday February Half Term 2021

Dorich House Museum is pleased to be participating once more in Thumbs Up It’s Thursday – a programme of free activities for primary aged children and their families which takes place across different venues in the Royal Borough of Kingston every Thursday during school holidays.  For February half term, Museum Assistant Maria Val De Los Rios has […]

Online Publication | Squatter Years: The Renovation of Dorich House

The second strand of our NLHF The Squatter Years Project has now been published on our website. This strand focuses on the renovation of Dorich House and contains a short film by Ellie Laycock and a series of five essays that chart the building’s journey from studio home to museum, including the original plans, the […]

Online Publication | The Squatter Years: Lost Objects

In 2019 Dorich House Museum was awarded a National Lottery Heritage Fund grant to explore the history of Dorich House in the 1980s and 1990s, focusing on its transition from Dora Gordine’s home to a museum. The resulting project, The Squatter Years: Recovering Dorich House Museum’s Recent Past, covers three strands of the building’s fascinating history: Dora Gordine […]

Online Talk | Dora Gordine & Dorich House: Friendship, Life & Legacy

As part of our project ‘The Squatter Years: Recovering Dorich House Museum’s Recent Past’, we will be holding a free online talk on Saturday 30th January, at 4pm. This talk will be a unique opportunity to hear from three fascinating individuals who have approached the enigmatic life of Dora Gordine from different perspectives: Tim Harrison, […]

Nadia Hebson: ‘Light enters my eye when I speak as a building’

We are pleased to announce the ninth contribution to Dora: Dialogues on Women’s Creative Practice and Thinking, ‘Light enters my eye when I speak as a building’ from our current Studio Resident Nadia Hebson. “An ellipse of light enters one of my eight semicircular eyes, hazed through the branches of the park’s established oaks. Mornings get tangled […]

Russian Winter Weekend | Icons in the Dorich House Museum Collection

RUSSIAN WINTER WEEKEND | ICONS IN THE DORICH HOUSE MUSEUM COLLECTION As part of this year’s Russian Winter Weekend we have added new photography of our fascinating collection of icons to the museum’s collections pages for you to enjoy. Icons were used as devotional objects in the Orthodox Greek Church from around the seventh century […]

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