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Woman with Baskets

A porcelain figure of a woman carrying baskets, stolen from Dorich House in a burglary in 1988, was later recovered and is now in the Dorich House Museum collection. Here volunteer Carley Bucknell explores the characteristics of the figurine and its place in Russian design history. Porcelain figurines had never particularly attracted my interest, but […]

A Ming Iron Head of Guanyin

A Ming dynasty iron head of the Buddhist bodhisattva Guanyin was part of a collection of artefacts from Asia owned by Dora Gordine that were sold at auction in 1994. Here volunteer Nadia Stern takes this sculpture as a starting point for a wider interrogation of Gordine’s position in relation to understandings of and debates […]

Discovering the Personal Style of Dora Gordine

A Chinese gold necklace and a Vacheron Constantin wristwatch were just two of the items of jewellery from Dora Gordine’s collection that were sold at auction in 1995. Here volunteer Louise Dear takes a look at the evolving fashions and personal style of Gordine with a particular focus on the artist’s jewellery. Last spring I […]

The Cloisonné Cigarette Case: Unlocking my Lost Family History

A beautiful cloisonné enamelled cigarette case, featuring a double-headed eagle, was one of the lots for sale at the auction of Richard Hare and Dora Gordine’s silver collection in Geneva in November 1994. For volunteer Rebecca Rushton, this object has allowed her to unlock a forgotten part of her own family’s history and to explore […]

The Dorich House Burglary

1988 saw a major burglary of Russian art at Dorich House. But what was actually stolen and was anything recovered? Here volunteer Carley Bucknell uses all available evidence to explore this pivotal moment in the history of Dorich House and the legacy of Dora Gordine and Richard Hare. ‘A frugal sleeper, she was sitting in […]

Dora Gordine and Arthur Symons: Artistic and Literary Encounters

Would a book of poems dedicated to Dora Gordine from the poet and critic Arthur Symons sold at auction in 1995 shed some light on Gordine’s creative circle? Here volunteer Stella Beaumont takes this poetry book as a starting point for an intriguing exploration of Gordine and Symons’s relationship. Three years into volunteering duties at […]

A Closer Look at the Carl Fabergé Teaset

An exquisite teaset made by Carl Fabergé – comprising teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl – was sold at the auction of Dora Gordine and Richard Hare’s silver collection on 15 November 1994 in Geneva. Here volunteer Louise Dear takes this teaset as a starting point to explore Gordine and Hare’s collection and the House […]

Collecting and Display at Dorich House

What do some decorative wall brackets sold at auction in 1994 tell us about plans Dora Gordine and Richard Hare had for the future of Dorich House? Here volunteer Nadia Stern takes these modest items as a starting point for a wider exploration of the collection and the couple’s dream of the house as a […]

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